You are strongly encouraged to come watch a class first and ask questions. New students once admitted to training must pay $150 non-refundable joining fee in advance (cash or check only). The Joining fee does include the first three months of Iaido training. If a student chooses to continue training after the first three months and the teacher accepts them as a student, the tuition dues are paid either monthly or annually via Paypal automatic subscrition online payment (see below).

Member Dues Payment Options

The teacher reserves the right to refuse to accept an applicant as a student. The optional annual discounted subscription is not refundable except under unusual circumstances at the discretion of the teacher. Private lessons scheduled outside of the regular class times are possible at a rate of $95/hr (studio rental included, cash or check only).* 

Arrangements for payment other than Paypal subscription under special circumstances only and is solely at the teacher's discretion.

*Note: Non-payment of monthly membership fee places member in non-active status and they are not allowed to attend classes without first talking to the teacher in order to be considered for readmission as an active member. In addition, all students are expected to be members in good standing with the North American San Shin Kai (pay annual member dues by January, attend NASSK sanctioned seminars of at least 1/yr). Houston Dojo Member dues do not include special events such as Saturday seminars though discounts may be offered for active members.

New students can ask to join our facebook group.

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