Fall 2022 HSSK News & Events

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Another successful trip to this year’s NASSK annual gasshaku (training camp) at Camp Lokanda near Glen Spey, NY on August 26-28.  After the delays from the Pandemic, this year, Mark was finally able to prepare these past months for his Yondan test (4th degree black belt) and it showed in his performance before the judging panel on Sunday morning at camp. He passed and received many complements! Sunshine was there with us to record the event. Hopefully more will be able to make it next year as it fun weekend with great training with great people. I personally appreciated the experience of teaching one of the classes along with Mitsuzuka Munehiro Sensei. 

Mark Lee performing a kata from the Hasagawa-Eishin Ryū during his Yondan exam Sunday morning.
Iaido summer camp 2022 Texas group
Texas group with Wehrhahn Shihan and Mitsuzuka Sensei
Saturday night party
Saturday night party - hanging out with instructors

Upcoming outdoor events this Fall and Winter as the weather cools off and we leave hurricane season far behind in Houston.  

♦ Weekend kenjutsu training events will once again be planned for Hermann Park. 

♦ A tameshigiri event is being planned where you will have the opportunity to cut rolled straw mats.  (see picture to the right). 

♦ An Iaido Ikkyu Shinsa (examination) event is planned to be held in January, 2023. There are four eligible candidates currently preparing to take the exam. Wish them the best on this important step!

Craig doing tameshigiri at iaido camp
Craig doing tameshigiri on Saturday afternoon at summer camp
Sunshine doing tameshigiri at sword camp
Sunshine doing tameshigiri at sword camp in NY
Friends partying after Iaido training all day!
training at camp
Saturday morning training at camp
three generations of iaido
Three generations of Iaido. (Brian, Mark, Craig)
Roger Wehrhahn Shihan at iaido camp
Roger Wehrhahn Shihan at summer camp
Michael holding treats at party time.