New students will fill out a waiver and pay an upfront non-refundable $160 joining fee (includes the first two full calendar months of classes). This first two months will be considered a probationary membership period. This one time payment is possible by either Venmo, Zelle®check, or cash. (Paypal will require an added $10 processing fee). 

If the student wishes to continue training beyond the initial membership period and the teacher agrees to accept the student, then the student will pay the $70 monthly member dues* promptly at the beginning of each month. For two family members it is $110 monthly ($30 discount for a second family). Venmo, Zelle®, Paypal subscription, or cash are acceptable. For the discounted Paypal Subscription options see the sign-up below. It’s possible to setup a Zelle® subscription and that would also be eligible for the same discounts as the Paypal Subscription. For any questions on payment, speak with the teacher.  

After the initial two month probationary membership period, the expectation is that the student will apply for official membership to North American San Shin Kai. When joining, you will receive the organization’s blue passport book to record training and rank in. NASSK membership is required before attending any official NASSK camp (NASSK annual dues are $50) and is collected annually in January. This is the Houston school’s parent organization. For any questions on payment speak with the teacher. 

Monthly membership dues are primarily for the school’s operating expenses. They help keep the dojo doors open, the lights on, and the school website and other online visibility humming as well as online services like video instruction creation for practice outside of class times. They are not a direct payment for instruction. Dues are non-refundable for that reason.

HSSK Monthly Member Dues

*Note: Non-payment of monthly membership fee places the member in non-active status and they are not allowed to attend classes without first talking to the teacher in order to be considered for readmission as an active member. In addition, after the initial two month probationary period, all students are expected to become members in good standing with the North American San Shin Kai (you pay annual member dues, attend official NASSK seminars). The Houston San Shin Kai Member dues do not include special events unless otherwise noted.

The teacher reserves the option to not accept an applicant as a student at any time. 

In-Person private lessons scheduled outside of the regular class times are possible at a rate of $95 per lesson (any required space rental for a lesson is additional). The length of a private lesson is 60-90 minutes. Virtual private lessons by video conferencing either by Zoom or Google Duo are possible at a rate of $60 per hour paid in advance. All private lessons are non-refundable if the student cancels less than 24 hours before the lesson. If space rental has already been paid, that will be the responsibility of the student even if student cancels more than 24 hours before the lesson.  

Recommended video for Iaido basics:   The “Hidden Movements” of Iaido

New students can ask to join our private facebook group. Check us out on Instagram.